* This product is specific to measurement of body temperature of personnel and disinfection of personnel, articles and pets in public areas.


A. Reduce the input of epidemic prevention personnel

B. Ensure the safety of epidemic prevention personnel

C. Prevent contact with cross infection

D. Improve the speed of temperature measurement

Convenient and Quick

It is entirely prefabricated in the factory and can be moved flexibly in accordance with needs.

Highly-efficient Disinfection

It adopts dual disinfection processes including ultrasonic atomization disinfection and UV physical sterilization, the disinfection rate of which can be up to 99.99% in accordance with the on-site disinfection test result of SGS.

Safe and Reliable

Food-grade washing-free disinfectant & UV lamp harmless to human body

Intelligent Linkage

It can be started through intelligent induction, and personnel can carry out centralized management through data background.

Facial Recognition

It can record and form statistical data about personnel entering and going out.

Attendance Management

It can form statistical data about personnel’s attendance.

Measurement of Body Temperature

It has accurate and efficient temperature measurement by utilizing German HEIMANN thermal imaging sensor.

Atomization Disinfection

It adopts food-grade washing-free disinfectant.

UV Sterilization

It adopts UV lamp harmless to human body, which is safe and effective.

Alarm upon Abnormality

Give an audible and visual alarm when abnormal body temperature is found.

MA Product Design

Following the principle of ergonomics when designing its form, it is convenient to measure and disinfect children, the elderly, the disabled, wheelchairs and pets. Adopting fully automatic intelligent control in its design, it greatly reduces manual operation and monitoring workload, thus decreasing security pressure.

  • Human Body Induction Mode: human body infrared induction
  • Body Temperature Sensing Mode: German HEIMANN thermal imaging
  • Body Temperature Collection Distance: 30 to 100cm
  • Body Temperature Collection Accuracy: + 0.2 °C
  • Body Temperature Display Panel: 5-inch HD touch screen
  • Body Temperature Detection Output: the equipment will give an alarm automatically upon abnormal temperature 
  • Power: 1000W
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz (If this product is used in other countries outside China, users can match it to corresponding electrical components in the light of local mains voltage.)
  • Mist-exit Volume: 6L/h (consistent mist-exit)
  • Ultrasonic Atomization: superfine dry mist whose particle diameter is between 3nm and 5nm.
  • UV Sterilization: UV lamp the waveband of which is harmless to human body
  • Quality of Integral Machine: 600KG
  • Disinfection Rate: 99.99%


  • Only one person is allowed to enter the channel each time, and the person should pass through the channel slowly. 
  • Disinfection is carried when the person is passing  through the channel. 5 seconds / person. 
  • Whether the temperature of the person passing through the channel is normal or not can be judged in accordance with the indicator lamp, and people with a normal temperature can pass through the channel successfully.

Application Characteristics

  •  Facial Recognition System 

It can distinguish visitors from internal personnel and record them, and it supports LAN storage and cloud storage. 

  • Automatic Induction Spraying Function 

The equipment is equipped with a microwave sensor which can sense moving objects. When entry of people is detected, mist-making machine and disinfecting UV lamp are started automatically to spray atomized disinfectant into the disinfection channel. 

  • Spray from Low Angle of Attack Avoid Stimulating Human Facial Organs 

With respect to the mist outlet inside the disinfection channel, low angle of attack is designed, so as to avoid discomfort caused by spraying the mist on human face directly. 

  • Measure Temperature of Human Body by Utilizing Infrared Thermal Imaging Technique Give an Audible and Visual Alarm 

It adopts high-accuracy thermal imaging temperature sensor, thus being able to realize non-contact measurement of body temperature quickly and reliably, effectively avoid cross infection, collect body temperature in real time and extract peak value to compare with outputting signal light and beep prompt. The data is collected in the background.

  • Function of Being Movable 

The equipment has two sets of universal brake casters and two sets of directional brake casters, and slopes on both ends are foldable. Due to the above mentioned advantages, the equipment can be moved conveniently and deployed quickly at the same time of reducing storage space. Tyres are made from nylon tread, thus being able to adapt to various road conditions. 

  • Lighting Function in the Channel 

When deigning the equipment, using scenes have been taken into consideration. The channel is equipped with LED lamps with lighting functions, so it is convenient to use the equipment at night or in a dark environment. 

  • Food-grade Washing-free Disinfectant 

It adopts food-grade washing-free disinfectant with such advantages as long acting time, fully effective sterilization, being free of odors and being harmless to human body, the sterilization rate of which can be up to 99.99% in accordance with test result of SGS. “NAWEI Physical Forest” disinfectant and German “ecodis” disinfectant are recommended for use. 

  • Automatic Rehydration Function 

It is equipped with a 40L ultra-large capacity liquid tank, thus being able to rehydrate the atomization tank automatically, decrease the workload of operators and be used for more than one day without replenishing disinfectant. 

  • Function of Giving an Alarm About the Status of the Equipment 

The equipment can display different lights corresponding to different working statuses such as over-temperature and absent fluid, so that the equipment manager can accurately know the running status of the equipment in real time. 

  • Foldable Assistant Slope 

There are assistant slopes at both exit and entrance of the equipment, so personnel and wheelchairs can enter the channel conveniently. The slopes are foldable, so it is convenient to move and store the slopes. 

  • Characteristic of Quick Deployment 

The equipment adopts an alternating current of 220V, and its power consumption is less than 1000W (if this product is used in other countries outside China, users can match it to corresponding electrical components in the light of local mains voltage). It is easy to install, deploy, operate, learn and use the equipment, and the disinfectant can be filled and emptied easily.