We provide specialized export service to help our customers and manufacturers to organize and expand their products all around the world. We in Homa believe that we can export medical products most efficiently with our worldwide connections and expertise. What makes our export service stand out from the others is our ability to provide in-depth, expert knowledge of individual geographic trades and markets.

The most remarkable advantages of Homa shipping company are:

  • We take responsibility for all customers’ goods and products. 
  • Our knowledgeable team also provides different export offers, such as finding outlets, securing orders, appointing resident representatives, and distributors.
  • All managers in Homa have an in-depth understanding of individual overseas markets and the dynamics of specific trades.
  • We offer reasonable prices to all of our customers
  • Homa experts consider all formalities, licenses, shipping, insurance, certified invoices, consular documents, certificates of origin, foreign exchange procedure, bills of exchange, and securing payment from the customer.
  • We are always ready to provide advice about any export issue such as different kinds of exhibitions overseas, special packing services, solving any customs problems etc.
  • We always consider physical shipping and storage space; therefore, no problem may happen during the process of exporting customers’ goods. 
  • Our consultants and experts provide all the detailed information about the export process 
  • We also provide export brokerage services. 
  • Homa trading has Global and local expertise. They give you information about terminal conditions, the exprot transport infrastructure, and any relevant customs procedures.

Other Export Services

Export Brokerage Service

This is one of the highlighted services provided by Homa Trading Company. In this service we provide finance and documentation needed for those firms that need our specialized experts to deal with all matters relating to the business after the order is secured. 

Export Brokerage Enquiry Handling Service

In this service we also respond on behalf of the customer or manufacturer to all overseas enquiries the Manufacturer receives including those resulting from participation in exhibitions or from advertising.