Importing goods and products is one of the most in-demand services all over the world. The importing process includes taking a different range of products from other countries to Canada. We, in Homa Trading company, are ready to provide the best-importing services to our customers. The process of importing in Homa Trading Company includes:

Trade Inquiry:

At the first stage, we ask our customers to provide an inquiry. The inquiry is a written request from the customer, which shows the customer has accepted all terms and conditions on Homa Trading Company.

All the details, such as the goods required, their description, catalog number or grade, size, weight, and quantity, are usually provided in the inquiry. Also, the customer must provide the other information such as the time and method of delivery, method of packing, terms, and conditions regarding payment in this document.

Then Our experts, in Homa Trading Company, will receive a quotation from the exporter. The quotation contains the details as to the goods available, their quality, etc., the price at which the goods will be supplied and the terms and conditions of the sale.

Providing Import License and Quota:

For importing goods and products, we need a valid import license. An import license may be either a general license or a specific license. Also, we must first find out whether the good is eligible to be imported or not. Importing some products is not allowed. Homa Trading team is ready to provide all the licenses and quota needed for the exporting process.

Obtaining delivery order:

When the products get to the destination, the importer has to get the delivery order from the shipping company. Sometimes the shipping company, instead of endorsing the bill in his favour, issues a delivery order to him. This endorsement of delivery order will entitle the importer to take the delivery of the goods. The shipping company issues the delivery order only after the payment of freight. All of the customers in Homa trading are not worried about the payment for the fright. We do our job in the best manner and avoid any problem at the time of delivery. Also, all the payments detailed are completely clear and can be provided to the customers.

 Customs Formalities and Clearing of Goods

After passing all the formalities and providing the required license, it is essential to arrange the customs formalities and clearance. Custom and product clearance can be every importer’s only concern. But Homa Trading Company has a vast network all around the world and in Canada, which helps us to provide the best service regarding customs formalities and product clearance.

The advantages of using Homa Import Service

  • Safe shipping of the goods
  • Reasonable fees
  • Taking all the responsibilities in terms of providing all required licenses and documents
  • Professional in customs formalities and products clearance
  • Fast shipping of goods and products
  • Clear payment procedure