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What is intermodal shipping?

The term Intermodal Transportation is used when freight is transported from an origin to a destination relying on several modes of transportation. In this mode of cargo transportation. two or more different shipping modes like a truck, rail, ship or aircraft are involved. When there is a large cargo which needs to be managed in the best way, we offer this service to eliminate the risks of directly handling shipments.

Can I take insurance while the container is already on the way?

Yes. However, we have the right to investigate the situation to check if there is no damage before issuing the Insurance.

Can I ship my hazardous cargo with Homa?

If your cargo is not one of the prohibited ones, then Homa will happily ship it. Our experienced teams can help you through the shipping process.

What are Homa’s transport solutions?

Where it is geographically appropriate, Homa will use road, rail, and sea and air transportation.

What type of cargo can get insurance?

Homa Cargo Insurance solution is adaptable to different types of shipments. There are a few situations we cannot offer any insurance, and this becomes only obvious after investigating the cargo and the case.

What is a commodity code?

In international trading, commodity code helps customs declarations be completed accurately. This code is a ten-digit number for imports from outside the country. Knowing the commodity code helps you look up relevant information such as duty rates and any import or export restrictions.

What is the difference between out-of-gauge and breakbulk cargo?

If the cargo is too large to fit inside a standard container, it is called an ‘out of gauge’ (OOG) cargo. Such cargo might require an open-top container, platform, or flatrack.

‘Breakbulk’ or project cargo is a term for the shipment that is too big to be loaded onto a single flatrack. This type of cargo is loaded on multiple flat racks on the deck of a vessel.

Why should I buy Homa Cargo Insurance?

Transportation is full of risk, and your cargo can take damage due to events such as rough weather, fire, and many other occurrences while in transit. Therefore, your shipment will be protected from these risks by insurance, so that your loss will be compensated.